Climbing the height of Everest...inside!

Climbers in Kings Lynn wanting to raise money for the Mountain rescue team in the Lake District. King's Lynn climber and regular at the Hangar Climbing wall James Hately was very unlucky to have a fall and break his ankle whilst climbing in the Lake District recently. As the rescue team did such a great job we have decided to raise money on their behalf in James Hately's name (incident No.63).

We will be climbing the full height of Everest of 8,848 m in our climbing wall and aim to complete it over the next 4 weeks during club nights, and the open day/launch of Alive Leisure.

Anyone wanting to sponsor us can do so here.

27th August 2014.

Tonight we started our task with only four climbers Dave, Mark, Emily and Rob. We all did a stellar job considering the various usual ailments. We climbed for almost 2 hours and we have video for most of it. Together we did 270 ascents of 5 metres totalling 1350 metres. Only 7498 metres to go.

Laps so far:
Mark: 50
Dave H: 70
Emily: 50
Rob: 100

I will post updates here and any tallies. Any Youtube live feeds and other videos will be here.

Update (29th August 2014)

The Langdale and Amblside Mountain rescue Team's website can be found here. and the Facebook page with James getting rescued is here

31st August 2014.

Laps for today:
Mark: 60
Dave H: 70
Rob: 100
In Total:
Mark: 110
Dave H: 140
Emily: 50
Rob: 200
Total: 500 laps to date

Which gives us 2500 metres climbed so far and 6348 metres to go or only 1270 laps of the wall. We would need another 5 sessions to complete the challenge at this rate.